pillowcase person

I’ve been stitching on some old vintage pillowcases I found in my mothers basement.  Here is the stem stitched person.

My stem stitched boy will be holding a tin can phone and talking to a stem stitched girl on the other pillowcase.  Sadly, not a lot of progress was made on my pillowcases this weekend because I spiked a crazy high fever.



Almost done with my dialogue but the shrinking ball of yarn is making me nervous. I think I did the math right and I doubt is find the right dye lot. Hope I don’t mess this up.



I sat down this weekend with this extra clearance curtain from the Christmas Tree Shop and some floss.  My plan was to learn to make a lazy daisy.  I did, but it just didn’t look right.  So I thought I’d try using the same technique to make a heart.  While I am very proud of this heart it still wasn’t right.  Then I started stitching little seagulls.  The fabric looks very beachy to me, and the seagulls they just fit.  I’m not sure how I feel about the water, but the seagulls fit and I am proud of them.


So my new obsession is embroidery.  I just finished reading Hoopla by Leanne Prain last night.  I really enjoyed it.  The pictures were wonderful.  I loved reading the interviews, but I doubt that I would actually sit down an complete any of the projects.  Don’t get me wrong the projects are beautiful, but I have so many ideas of things I want to make floating around in my head that I doubt I would get to these.  Especially because it is due back to my library in less than a week.  One thing I wish this book had more of was accurate blog information.  I’d love to add some more embroidery blogs to my google reader, but when I checked on the blogs listed under some of my favorite interviews they had not been updated in quite some time.

pirate pillow

I had this pillow from Brookstone that my mom bought me a few years ago.  Sadly there were a few small holes in the pillow.  So I took some leftover fleece from a pair of pants to make a cover for the pillow.  Here it is