freckles and tweak

I had been toying around with the idea of starting an etsy store and things named after my chinchilla who passed away a few weeks ago.  Putting a lot of effort into an etsy store is something I have been meaning to do, so no time better than now.

tweak necklace

I decided that I really wanted to make something that would remind me of tweak.  Sadly I only have a few pictures of him, and I felt like I really needed that creative outlet.  He died very suddenly, and I am pretty heartbroken about it.  I made this necklace.  The spiderweb charm is because Tweak used to think of himself as a spiderman.  He used to jump from the shelf in his cage over the other side, grab the bars, and cling there.  There is also a small T charm that isn’t easy to see in that picture.  I’m pretty happy with the way it came out.  I’m not a jewelry maker, but this was very simple, and it has the bit of secret meaning.  I think planning it out and making it really helped me work out some of the sadness.  I know he was ‘just a chinchilla’, but there is something that is so hard about losing a pet.  Especially when you lose that pet suddenly and will never know what really happened to them.

And I’m a freckle covered Boston Irish girl.  So that is where the name comes from.


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