A new job

Big news so I’m going to try to touch screen type it and we will see how that goes. As some of you may know I have been working several jobs but this week I accepted a full time position from one of my part time jobs but now I am questioning myself.  This job will be a step up. I will be a full time autism  therapist. But I have wantes to really get going on my etsy shop andoomph not sure how that will work out now. I hope I haven’t made the wrong choice. I am going to have to do some serious time management   Any strategy suggestions welcome but I’m excited for the new job. 


unexpected snow

This has been a really pathetic winter as far as snowfall goes.  I might be in the minority, but I love the snow.  But last night it snowed unexpectedly so horray.  It is still crazy to me to see snow on the beach.

Shapely boyfriend progress

At first I was so excited about this cardigan. I thought I had found the perfect pattern for my mustard and chocolate stripe sweater I had been dreaming of. Then the clapotis got in the way taking up all of my time and knitting energy, but today I will divide for the sleeves.


shapely boyfriend so far

i have no voice

Sitting at home this afternoon because I have no voice.  I have had no voice since Monday night, but today I finally took part of the day off.  There was just no way I was ever getting it back talking and sometimes yelling at a group of 3 year olds all day.  And in all fairness I haven’t taken a sick day or day off in almost 9 months.  Not so bad.  Hopefully one day works because that is all I have because I don’t get paid of sick days.  I know sad, and part of why I am thinking of looking for a new job.  Maybe I will get off my butt and do some crafting with this free time.