Green sundress tutorial

This green sundress has been my go to dress since I finished it last month.

And here is how I did it.

You will need about a yard of fabric. This will vary based on how long you want your skirt to be and what size you wear.
A plain tank top. I got mine at old navy for $3.
Scissors and thread

First try on your tank top and decide where you want your skirt to begin. Take the tank off, measure and cut.

Now it is time to cut your skirt. You will cut two rectangles. One side of your rectangle will be the length of your tank top plus 6 inches. The other side will be the length you want for your skirt.

Now you will cut your pockets. I make pockets by spreading my hand out on the fabric like this and cutting a half heart shape around it. Cut 4.

Now you will pin the pockets on and sew up your skirt. I hemmed my skirt at this point too. But I hate finishing work and like to throw something on as soon as it looks done.

I forgot to get a picture of this step but now you will sew your skirt to the tank top and wear your beautiful new dress with pride!


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