Pink knee socks

Pink knee socks

Little cable knee highs. Love them.


Still waiting

This waiting has been difficult. At least I heard back from the realtor yesterday. She has not been the easiest person to get a hold of lately. Maybe the May 17th closing date isn’t out of the question. Not sure if I should get my hopes up.
When I was signing papers almost a month ago May 17th seemed like such a crazy long time to wait now I’m just really hoping they can work it out by then. So I sit and wait as patiently as I can.

Illegal foreclosure

Fun story today I found out that the house I am in love with was an illegal foreclosure in 2005.
So the lawyer guy is telling me that this process could take months and that the purchase and sales agreement we have reached is probably going to be cancelled.
But my realtor is telling me that if they can find the person that was foreclosed on back in 2005 and get his signature everything will be all set.
Not really sure who to listen to. I do not want to have to start looking again but I also really don’t want to have to wait months and months to figure out if the house can be mine.